Antique Sword and Edged Weapons Bibliography – Authors A to G

Dear Sword and Edged Weapon Collector!

I am in the process of creating a comprehensive bibliography for the serious collector of antique swords and edged weapons. I have listed them alphabetically and they can be viewed in four separate sections – please go to my Home Page and you will find the other sections.

I am a firm believer that building up a collection of books and material devoted to the study of antique swords and edged weapons is essential if you really want to understand and learn about your subject. It is also common sense in that when you buy from an auction, Arms Fair or whatever, you need to have some basic knowledge about what you are buying – that does sound like stating the obvious but there are many newcomers who shell out large amounts of money and take it for granted that the piece is correct and genuine. There is nothing that can replace handling and inspecting the item and I would recommend you doing this as often as possible, but a little investment in books will also pay you back many times over and perhaps save you from making a rash or ill-judged purchase.

I do hope that you find it useful and please let me know if you have any books that you feel should be added or you can supply me with a missing book cover image. I will be regularly updating the bibliography so check back often!

Here are the authors from A – G

William. A. Albaugh

Confederate Edged Weapons

(Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1993).

ISBN-10: 1568372671

ISBN-13: 978-1568372679


P.G.W. Annis

British and American Naval Edged Weapons 1660-1815

(Arms and Armour Press, 1970).


Christian Aries

Armes Blanches Militaires, Français

(Paris, 1967).

J.D. Aylward

The Smallsword in England

(Hutchinson, 1960).



Matthew Balent

Compendium of Armor, Weapons, and Castles

(Palladium Books, 1989).

ISBN-10: 091621138X

ISBN-13: 978-0916211387


Bannerman Catalogue of Military Goods – 1927

(DBI Books,1980).

ISBN-10: 0910676208

ISBN-13: 978-0910676205

Bruce Bazelon

Swords from the Public Collections … Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

(Andrew Mowbray,1987).

ISBN-10: 0917218264

ISBN-13: 978-0917218262

Russell E. Belous

Richard H Bezdek

Swords and Sword Makers of England and Scotland

(Paladin Press, 2003).

ISBN: 0-486-25434-8

Richard H Bezdek

German Swords and Sword Makers. Edged Weapon Makers from the 14th to the 20th Centuries

(Paladin Press, 2000).

ISBN-10: 1581600577

ISBN-13: 978-1581600575

Richard H Bezdek

American Swords and Sword Makers Vol 1

(Paladin Press, 1994).

ISBN-10: 0873647653

ISBN-13: 978-0873647656

Richard H Bezdek

American Swords and Sword Makers Vol 2

(Paladin Press, 1999).

ISBN-10: 158160016X

ISBN-13: 978-1581600162

Howard Blackmore

Hunting Weapons from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century

(Dover Publications Inc.; Dover Ed edition, 2003).

ISBN-10: 0486409619

ISBN-13: 978-0486409610

Claude Blair

European and American Arms

(Literary Licensing, LLC, 2011).

ISBN-10: 125807320X

ISBN-13: 978-1258073206

H.T. Bosanquet

The Naval Officer’s Sword


I. Bottomley and A.P. Hopson

Arms and Armor of the Samurai

(Random House USA Paperbacks, 1999).

ISBN-10: 0517103184

ISBN-13: 978-0517103180

Charles Boutell

Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

(Da Capo Press; New edition 1996, orig. 1907).

ISBN-10: 0938289624

ISBN-13: 978-0938289623

Martin J. Brayley

Bayonets: An Illustrated History

(Park Lane Books, 2012).

ISBN-10: 078582930X

ISBN-13: 978-0785829300

Rodney Hilton Brown

American Polearms 1526-1865

(Flayderman, New Milford, 1967).

Jean Jacques Buigne & Jean Lhoste

Armes Blanches: Symbolisme Inscriptions Manufactures

(Editions Du Portail; 2nd Edition edition,1999).

ISBN-10: 2865510417

ISBN-13: 978-2865510412

Richard F. Burton

The Book of the Sword

(Dover Publications Inc., New York, 1987).

ISBN: 0-486-25434-8

Michele Byam

Arms and Armour

(Eyewitness Books – Dorling Kindersley, 2003).

ISBN-10: 0751364924

ISBN-13: 978-0751364927

Lord Archibald Campbell

Scottish Swords from the Battlefield at Culloden

(Mowbray Co., 1971).

ISBN-10: 0917218043

ISBN-13: 978-0917218040

P. Carrington-Pierce

A Handbook of Court and Hunting Swords 1660-1820

(London, 1937).

Anthony Carter

World Bayonets 1800 to the Present: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors

(Arms & Armour Press, Lionel Leventhal Ltd., 1984).

ISBN-10: 1854093444

ISBN-13: 978-1854093448

Anthony Carter

German Bayonets: Vol. 1 The Models 98/02 and 98/05

(Tharston Press, 1984).

ISBN-10: 0946696020

ISBN-13: 978-0946696024

Anthony Carter

German Bayonets: Vol. 2 The Models 71/84, 69/98, 71/98, 98, KS 98, 1914 and 84/98

(Tharston Press, 1991).

ISBN-10: 094669608X

ISBN-13: 978-0946696086

Anthony Carter

German Bayonets: Vol. 3 The Ersatz, Requisitioned and Captured Bayonets

(Tharston Press, 1992).

ISBN-10: 0946696101

ISBN-13: 978-0946696109

Anthony Carter

German Bayonets: Vol. 4 The Regulation Pattern Sword Bayonets 1860-1900

(Tharston Press, 1994).

ISBN-10: 094669611X

ISBN-13: 978-0946696116

Anthony Carter and John Walter

The Bayonet: A History of Knife & Sword Bayonets 1850-1970

(Arms & Armour Press, Lionel Leventhal Ltd, London, 1974).

Egerton Castle

Schools and Masters of Fence from the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century

(London, 1885, reprinted 1910, Dover Publications, 2003).

ISBN-10: 0486428265

ISBN-13: 978-0486428260

Robert Cato

Moro Swords

(Graham Brash Ltd, 1996).

ISBN-10: 9812180591

ISBN-13: 978-9812180599

John Clements

Renaissance Swordsmanship. The Illustrated Use of Rapiers and Cut and Thrust Swords

(Paladin Press,1998).

ISBN-10: 0873649192

ISBN-13: 978-0873649193

John Clements

Medieval Swordsmanship. Illustrated Methods and Techniques

(Paladin Press,1998).

ISBN-10: 1581600046

ISBN-13: 978-1581600049

M.H. Cole

U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets and Machete – Book 3

(Privately Pub., 1979).

Gary M. Cunningham

American Military Bayonets of the 20th Century

(Scott A. Duff Publications, 1997).

ISBN-10: 1888722088

ISBN-13: 978-1888722086

Czerwinski & Dudek

Szabla Zolnierza Polskiego XIX i XX weik’ Sabers of Polish Soldiers, 19th & 20th Centuries

(Warsaw, 1988) (text in Polish).

Hilda Ellis Davidson

The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England

(Boydell Press, 1998).

ISBN-10: 0851157165

ISBN-13: 978-0851157160

Jim Dawson

Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945

(Stenger-Scott Publishing Company, 1996).

ISBN-10: 0971912726

ISBN-13: 978-0971912724

I. D. Davidson

Bayonet Markings: A Guide for Collectors

(Private Pub., 1973).

Rollin V. Davis Jr.

U.S. Sword Bayonets 1847-1865: A Compilation of Sword Bayonets Issued to the Services of The United States Prior to and During the Civil War

(Privately Pub., 1982).

Clegg Don Furr

American Swords and Makers’ Marks

(Paragon Agency, 1999).

Bashford Dean

Catalogue of European Arms and Armour

(Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1905).

ISBN-10: 1443791830

ISBN-13: 978-1443791830

Anthony D. Darling

Weapons of the Highland Regiments

(Museum Restoration Service, 1998).

ISBN: 0-919316-33-6

Vladimir Dolinek and Jan Durdik

The Encyclopedia of European Historical Weapons

(Hamlyn, 1993).

ISBN: 0-600-57538-1

Edge and Paddock

Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight

(Bison Books, 1988).

ISBN-10: 0517644681

ISBN-13: 978-0517644683

Eickhorn Catalog 1908

Exports to US and Europe

(Original publication).

Nick Evangelista

The Encyclopedia of the Sword

(Greenwood Press, 1995).

ISBN: 0-313-27896-2

R.D.C. Evans

British Bayonet Letters Patent 1721-1961

(Privately Pub., 1991).

ISBN-10: 0951797204

ISBN-13: 978-0951797204

Charles Ffoulkes

The Armourer and His Craft

(Dover Publications Inc.; Facsimile of 1912 edition, 2003).

ISBN-10: 0486258513

ISBN-13: 978-0486258515

Charles ffoulkes and E. C. Hopkinson

Sword, Lance and Bayonet

(Arms and Armour Press, 1967).

Stephen Fliegel

Arms and Armor: The Cleveland Museum of Art

(ABRAMS, 2008).

ISBN-10: 0940717921

ISBN-13: 978-0940717923

James D Forman

The Scottish Dirk

(Museum Restoration Service, 1993).

Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory

Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945

(Arms and Armour, 1997).

General Washington’s Swords and Campaign Equipment

(The Mt. Vernon Ladies Association – privately published, 1948).

William Gilkerson

Boarders Away. With Steel, Naval Edged Weapons and Polearms 1626 – 1826

(Andrew Mowbray Publishing, 1991).

ISBN: 0-917218-50-7

Erik Goldstein

The Bayonet in New France 1665-1760. Historical Arms Series No. 35

(Museum Restoration Service,1997).

ISBN-10: 0919316352

ISBN-13: 978-0919316355

Erik Goldstein

The Socket Bayonet in the British Army 1687-1783

(Andrew Mowbray Publishers, 2001).

ISBN-10: 0917218957

ISBN-13: 978-0917218958

Carol Belanger Grafton

Arms and Armor: a Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth Century Sources

(Dover Publications, 1995).

ISBN-10: 0486285618

ISBN-13: 978-0486285610

Stephen Grancsay

Catalogue of Armor: The John Woodman Higgins Armory

(David Press Inc.,1969).

D S H Gyngell

Armourer’s Marks

(Cambridge University Press, New York, 1963).





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